Friends of the Koala Video Library

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After coming in at only 180g and a long 9 months in care (8 of which were with the amazing miracle worker Anika Lehmann) Enya was put into soft release on 5 April and we opened the gate to freedom at 7.30pm on 12 April. When put into soft release she literally jumped out of the cage and all the way up the tree, giving us a few heart attacks as she jumped from branch to branch and onto what seemed to us to be not very strong branches. But she knew better and spent the week here at the top of the tree until dark when she descended to eat the tips of the leaf we provided in the pot for her. She was waiting for her special leaf when we opened the gate and when we came back and checked half an hour later she was gone - vanished. We wish her many babies and never to be seen by FoK again. - Ros Irwin