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Parliamentary red tape hinders the survival of koalas

A lengthy Parliamentary Inquiry into the future of koalas may take too long to ensure their survival, writes Sue Arnold.
THE FIRST PUBLIC HEARING of the NSW Upper House Inquiry into koalas began on Friday 15 August, with the usual collection of bureaucrats from the former Office of Environment and Heritage now incorporated into an Environment, Energy and Science Group — the Department of Primary Industries and Environment.
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What toll do bushfires have on native wildlife in an increasingly urbanised landscape?

Vicki Lett is a long-time wildlife carer and still struggles when she sees the level of pain animals experience when they are injured in a bushfire.
“They found [the koala] scrabbling in the sand on one of their tracks; they actually lifted it and put it in an esky and brought it back to their house”
“We collected it and took it to a local vet where it was given pain medication and sedated … a decision was taken it was too badly burnt to continue.”
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An Upper House inquiry into the state’s koala habitats and population gets underway

Environmental groups say they hope a new inquiry into koalas in New South Wales will make protecting the animal a priority.
Nature Conservation Foundation chief executive Chris Gambian said a joint submission with 11 other environmental groups called on the Government to adopt stronger laws.
“Our politicians in NSW really have a simple choice that they have to make,” he said. “They can be the generation that sees the rapid decline of koala numbers and possibly the extinction of koalas in NSW, or they can be the generation that decides that we are going to do the urgent and necessary work to protect their habitats and restore native forests. … [follow link to original story…]