Koala Watch: Community led Koala recovery in the Northern Rivers

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Use your eyes and ears to help prevent a local extinction of koalas

This is an exciting new project that Friends of the Koala is working on with funding from the NSW Environmental Trust and support from local Councils. We and our koalas need more people in local communities where koalas live to be koala aware and report sightings of distressed, sick or injured koalas early for treatment. Koala Watch will be delivering four workshops over the next 2 years. These workshops will provide local communities with information to assist our koala populations, including: becoming a koala watcher; understanding and managing koala habitat; fire planning and management with koalas in mind; and developing and implementing a wild dog control program in your local community.
We have almost finalised the presentation for the first workshop, which will start to roll out in February and March. Keep your eyes posted for workshop details, which we’ll record here but also under Events on the front page. Hope to see many of you there and becoming part of the koala watching community. For more information or to register interest for a workshop in your local community, contact Maria Matthes, Koala Watch Project Officer on 0467 855 990 or maria@healinghistory.com.au