Why should we save the Environment?

Speech presented by Mallory, Age 10, Jiggi Public School


I want to save the environment because when I grow up I want to be able to see a koala in the wild. I want to breathe fresh air and drink clean water. People have damaged our environment. People can reverse it.

There are forty Gilberts potaroo left. I have never seen these little creatures in real life but I do hope to. The reason these animal numbers are down is because we introduced cats and dogs. Dedicated people are doing all they can to increase the numbers of this almost extinct animal. Saving our environment would mean less extinctions for our fauna.  

The Wollami pine is an example of what people can do and what people are doing right. When people chop trees down they are bringing trees closer to extinction especially if they are a species where not many are left. If we work together we can reverse the damage we have done. Saving our environment would mean less extinctions of our flora.

Smog is disgusting . It hangs over cities in what seems to be an everlasting cloud. Smog is caused by humans as most pollution is. My uncle is a ambulance driver and he says the smog is so bad in Sydney that a non-smokers lungs are as black and disgusting as a smokers. Saving our environment would mean cleaner air to breathe.

Strip mining tears down hills and destroys forests. It also leaves large bare dusty plains. Gold mining uses large quantities of cyanide which is a poison. Huge ponds contaminated by cyanide are dangerous to birds who think they can drink from it. Stopping mining or making it more environmentally friendly helps protect these birds and their habitat. Saving our environment would mean cleaner waterways for birdlife.

A penguin covered in oil is a very sad sight. Each year hundreds of penguins are washed up on Phillip Island, Victoria covered in oil often from large ships who have dumped it illegally out at sea. The good news is that CSIRO can now track the people who are dumping the oil illegally to educate them about the damage this does to the environment and in some cases issue fines. Saving our environment would mean cleaner oceans for marine life.

We should save the environment because I want our planet to be around for a while. I want clean air to breathe and clean water to drink. I want our flora and fauna to remain diverse and our oceans to stay crystal blue. With a healthy environment around us, we will live a better life.