Koala Kare - Life Cycle of a Koala

Hi!!! Koala Kare has come a long way since my first article. My knowledge of koalas has also expanded. I thought I’d take this article to write about the life cycle of a koala, so here it is…………


Life cycle of a koala:

Well, first of all, all koalas are born early, and then finish growing in their mother’s pouch. When they are first born, they are called “embryos”. Then, when they are fully grown babies, they are called joeys. After the embryo is born, they slowly find their way to their mother’s pouch. There they finish growing. After they finish growing, they go out of the pouch. For two months after they come out of the pouch, they still use it as a place for shelter and to sleep. When the joey is between six and seven months old, it eats a type of food called pap besides its mother’s milk. Pap is made with the mother’s droppings. It is mostly digested eucalyptus leaves, which helps joeys get ready to start eating eucalyptus leaves. Eucalyptus leaves are actually poisonous to most other animals! When it gets too big to stay in the pouch, it rides on its mother’s back instead. A koala is fully grown at one year old, but it still stays with its mother. When a koala is three years old, it is a full grown adult and can mate and have babies of its own.



Other stuff about koalas & Koala Kare:

I think the most interesting part of the life cycle is when the koalas are babies. Actually, as unborn babies, koalas grow at the same rate as humans do, but a human is born at nine months, where as a koala is born at 30 days!!! Anyway, that’s about all for now!! Bye!!!!

By Kayla, Age 10, Clayton California